Top WordPress Hosting for Beginners – is WP right for me?

WordPress HostingMost shared hosting services accommodate WordPress websites well. However WP optimised, or dedicated WordPress hosting, is a more specialised service with easier WP Installation and expert technical support. WordPress services can include automatic software updates, site backups and site migration tools.

WordPress is a non-html website creation application with a full and easy to use Content Management System (CMS). Although WP can get complicated and will allow for complex html design and development work, it’s also suitable for new web masters and amateur users alike. WordPress is template based, this means that “themes” can be downloaded and customised easily. Many hundreds of plug-ins, add-ons, themes and widgets can also be added for endless customisation and to create unique websites quickly. These add-ons and widgets also mean that WordPress is suitable for any type of website, e-commerce, blogs, events and corporate websites and many more.

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Choosing a WP Hosting Provider

Hosting providers may offer standard, managed or premium WordPress hosting. Usually their servers will be optimised to enhance the performance and speed of a WordPress installation. Dedicated WP Hosting may also include automatic version updating and database backups. Managed WordPress hosting will take away some of the worries and technical aspects of a website by performing all updates, backups and even advising if a plug-in or add-on may be wrong for your site or not working correctly. These more advanced services can be expensive.

As with choosing any web hosting provider speed, security, and reliability are vital aspects, critical for choosing to go with a WordPress host are the following factors:

  • Speed, security and reliability.
  • Installation options – one-click or manual.
  • Automated updates and backups.
  • Cost of course!
  • Is expert WordPress technical support available and do you need it.

WordPress VPS Hosting and WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting may also need to be considered for more advanced, larger, or higher traffic websites. VPS best WordPress hosting may be suitable for medium-sized businesses, high traffic blogs and designers and developers. WP Dedicated Servers are only necessary for blogs or sites with very high traffic.

Pros and Cons

WordPress can be downloaded quickly and safely from and is usually a one-click install from many hosting providers. A manual installation can be more complicated so it’s always worth checking what your new WordPress website hosting provider offers.

WordPress itself is free, as are many themes, add-ons and widgets, however premium themes and widgets have a cost and there are potential costs for technical support. Worth considering too are the opportunity costs of the time spent learning and handling the software and development. Larger more complex sites will also demand bigger more expensive hosting packages but it’s easy to grow a website exponentially using WordPress.

For very basic sites offers a free but limited hosting option. This can require you to run certain adverts and support and performance can be very limited. Other free hosts are out there but can be unreliable and come and go.

WordPress is a great tool for new website owners and creators, individuals, bloggers and small businesses but does have enough functionality for larger websites too.

However if your site requires something more complex than a CMS, blogging, e-commerce or event system, unique or complicated functionality, then WordPress might not be for you. Equally if you already use one of WordPress’s competitors like Joomla or even the more basic Blogger, you may want to stick with something that already works for you rather than taking the time to learn WordPress.

It’s also an option to contract the development of a WP website from many WordPress developers and designers on the market, which can then be managed in house, or consistently developed with outside help. A WordPress site once in place and has an excellent easy to use CMS interface, blog and social media functionality. SEO and Social Media add-ons can also make lighter work of website marketing. The WordPress interface is almost as easy as any desktop publishing or office package to learn and utilise, design and build can get more complicated but given time is still very learnable.

Without dedicated hosting with WP support, technical support for WordPress is most often found via WP forums or niche WP websites for themes, plug-ins, add-ons and discussion.

How to Install it?

Many WordPress hosts will offer a one-click install which is pretty much that – “one-click” and will be a simple process to follow. If a manual WordPress install is required its likely you will need to follow these steps:

  • Download the latest WordPress installation package.
  • Upload the WordPress files to your web server via FTP or similar.
  • Create a MySQL Database for WordPress to use with an administrator will full customisation and editing rights.
  • Configure WordPress to connect to the MySQL database you have created.
  • Go through the installation and setup your website.

Some hosts will offer a free manual installation by their support team, but advanced support like this can have greater costs or limitations on customisation and control.

For a more in depth guide to WordPress installation try the following:

How to Install WordPress – Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial

Quick FAQ’s

Can I host a WordPress site with a shared website hosting provider?Absolutely, but don’t forget to check if one-click install is available or if manual installation is viable. You don’t have to choose a dedicated WordPress website host but it can help.
Do I need to program or code to use WordPress?No, not at all, but equally more advanced users or developers can add code or html within WordPress to improve the design or functionality of a theme or website.
Will WordPress hosting really help my WP website?Potentially yes and speed and performance can be enhanced and automatic updates and backups are useful however it’s not completely essential for a good WordPress website.