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  • Company: TMDHosting
  • Founded: 2007
  • Data Center: .US .UK .NL .SG JP .AU
  • Panel: cPanel, Plesk
  • Service Uptime: 99.99%
  • Extras:
    +Free Domain for life
    +60 day money back GTEE
    +Cutting Edge Technology
  • Telephone: +1 888-771-5990
  • Email:
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Starting Price: $2.85
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TMDhosting is a privately owned company based in the US that has been in operations since 2007, dedicated to offering reliable hosting services with lots of great features embedded, which has helped the company to rapidly grow and to continually attract customers.

TMD Web Hosting company has its hosting services dedicated to provide customers with easy modules and template installation, state of the art website optimization and performance programs, web content and traffic monitoring system, prompt and easy web application upgrade and maintenance, super-fast customer complaint and inquiry response time from professional customer care representative and technicians that are fully prepared to assist and deal creatively and politely with technical web problems customers might face.

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Also, TMDhosting offers blazing fast servers, amazing data uptime scores, massive server capacity, free application installation, plugin installation to optimize website performance, free template to offer an attractive web view, and regular update to keep you connected. The company is widely known for the use of professional individuals and teams such as technical support specialists, web designers and developers, marketers, dedicated and sound customer care representatives, system administrators, which is a plus in the development innovations and ideas in its hosting environment and to provide quality hosting services to its teaming customers.

Services Overview

Have a look at the homepage of TMDhostingTMD web hosting has lots of hosting plans developed to help customers achieve their aims. Such plans include:

Shared Hosting Price Range

TMD shared hosting plan is a lightning fast, fully managed SSD plan, provided to customers in starter, business and professional packs. This plan features unlimited bandwidth and a massive SSD storage to support speedy page load, free domain, one website hosting for starter plans and unlimited website hosting services for business and professional plans, 24/7 premium technical support to help you get started, Free SSH access, Softaculous auto-installer, prompt multiple daily website database and file backup to ensure no-data loss and full data restoration at no cost with the help of their senior system administrators.

Also, TMDhosting has its shared hosting plan embedded with web based firewall to guarantee website protection from malicious threats, anti-spam tools to protect your messages, and powered by cPanel.

Plan Name Domains SSD Space Bandwidth Panel OS Data Centers Price Link
STARTER 1 Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Linux UK, US, NL, SG, JP, AU $2.85 More Details
BUSINESS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Linux UK, US, NL, SG, JP, AU $5.85
PROFESSIONAL Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Linux UK, US, NL, SG, JP, AU $12.85
STARTER 6 Unlimited Unlimited Plesk Windows US $3.99
BUSINESS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Plesk Windows US $5.99
PROFESSIONAL Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Plesk Windows US $11.99

VPS Hosting Price Range

TMD VPS cloud hosting is one of the most flexible hosting plans available in 5 different packages with its services provisioned as an isolated but private network aimed at providing customers with greatly improvised connectivity and fast page load through its dedicated channels. The VPS cloud plan comes with doubled components in order to achieve high availability and 99.99% of database uptime, military grade security to protect your files and database, free anti-spam tool to protect your messages, web based firewall to protect your VPS from malicious threats, massive SSD infrastructure of 40GB to 150GB to support your data surf blazing experience, 3TB to 7TB bandwidth, 2 to 6GB DDR4 RAM, 2 to 8 core CPUs, Softaculous auto-installer with an easy to use cPanel.

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage BW Panel Data Centers Price Link
VPS1 2 Cores 2GB 40GB SSD 3TB cPanel US, NL, SG $35.95 Details
VPS2 2 Cores 3GB 60GB SSD 4TB cPanel US, NL, SG $53.95
VPS3 4 Cores 4GB 80GB SSD 5TB cPanel US, NL, SG $71.95
VPS4 8 Cores 4GB 120GB SSD 5TB cPanel US, NL, SG $98.95
VPS5 8 Cores 6GB 150GB SSD 7TB cPanel US, NL, SG $116.95

Dedicated Server Hosting Price Range

TMDhosting Dedicated server plan is fashioned to allow customers achieve their goals using all paid resources without the need to share with anyone and to help upgrade your business to higher level without a headache. This plan is made available in 5 options with 1TB to 2TB SATA storage, 10TB bandwidth each, 4×2.8Ghz to 12×2 GHz CPUs, 16GB to 24GB RAM, unmatched technical support, and enterprise grade security to monitor website security.

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage BW Panel Data Centers Price Link
INTEL I5-760 4×2.8 GHz 16GB 2x500GB 10TB cPanel US, NL $199 Details
E3-1230 V3 4×3.2 GHz 8GB 500GB 10TB cPanel US, NL $229
E3-1270 V3 4×3.5 GHz 8GB 1TB 10TB cPanel US, NL $269
E5-2620 V2 6×2.0 GHz 24GB 2x1TB 10TB cPanel US, NL $319
E5-2620 V2 12×2.0 GHz 24GB 2x1TB 10TB cPanel US, NL $389

Cloud Servers Price Range

TMD cloud hosting plan is made available to customers in summer cloud plan of 48GB SSD space, 768MB RAM and 1.5TB bandwidth, Rain cloud plan of 65GB, 1.5GB RAM and 2.5TB bandwidth and Storm Cloud plan of 85GB, 2GB RAM and 3.5TB bandwidth.

Plan Name Websites CPU RAM SSD Space BW Panel Data Center Price Link
SUMMER CLOUD 1 2 Cores 2GB Unlimited Unlimited cPanel US $5.85 Details
RAIN CLOUD Unlimited 4 Cores 4GB Unlimited Unlimited cPanel US $6.85
STORM CLOUD Unlimited 6 Cores 6GB Unlimited Unlimited cPanel US $10.85

Reseller Hosting Price Range

TMDhosting company has its Reseller plan designed to support web hosting services for Resellers, making it much easier for them to deploy, create, sell and manage new client accounts with separate cPanel accounts. The company also offers an unmatched level of technical support and a super-fast response rate to save time, money and ensure all customer’s satisfaction.

This plan features 700GB to 2000GB bandwidth, SSD space of 65GB to 200GB, unlimited websites, box billing for enterprise and professional Reseller plan. All plans are implemented with WHM and cPanel.

TMD also supports other open source hosting like PrestaShop Hosting, SocialEngine Hosting, Dolphin Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Concrete5 Hosting, osCommerce Hosting, CubeCart Hosting, X-Cart Hosting, Joomla Hosting, WordPress Hosting, SMF Hosting, Magento Hosting and Moodle Hosting.

Plan Name Websites SSD Space Bandwidth Panel Data Centers Price Link
STANDARD Unlimited 65GB 700GB cPanel US, NL, SG $19.95 Details
ENTERPRISE Unlimited 130GB 1400GB cPanel US, NL, SG $34.95
PROFESSIONAL Unlimited 200GB 2000GB cPanel US, NL, SG $49.95

Equilpments, Database Security Settings and Data Centers

TMD hosting company achieves excellent service delivery based on commitment, use of high quality name brand equipment, and the establishment of servers based on Super micro rack mountable servers powered by power efficient processors.

The company has its network handled by Dell edge routers, top of the line Juniper, and Cisco routers all aggregated through Cisco and Juniper switches. They also use multiple Tier 1 telcos including AT&T, Internap and AboveNet to operate more than 500 Gbps of transit and data peering capacity.

TMDhosting company has its data center certified under the SSAE-16 standard to guarantee high levels of operational standards installed with numerous industry-standard amenities, raised floors, climate control systems, 24/7 biometric security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, uninterrupted power supply systems and high capacity generators to ensure its facility and database security.

TMD hosting has its data centers well rooted in Chicago with all services available, Phoenix with Dedicated Server, London to offer Shared Hosting services, Amsterdam to offer Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Server services, Singapore to offer Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Sydney to offer Shared Hosting and Tokyo to offer Shared Hosting services to its customers.


What are your remedies to ensure customer satisfaction?TMDhosting service values customer satisfaction and has its mission powered by its commitment to provide excellent hosting environment and services. And in case any customer is not satisfied with the service provided, TMDhosting offers 60-days money back guarantee.
What is the TMDhosting uptime guarantee?TMD hosting take data uptime seriously and will do its best to ensure 99.9% availability of your websites with full redundancy at all levels within its network and hardware infrastructure.

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