Bluehost Hosting Review – Varied Services

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  • Company: Endurance International Group
  • Founded: 2003
  • Data Center: .US
  • Panel: cPanel
  • Service Uptime: 99.9%
  • Extras:
    +Free Domain
    +30-Day Money-back GTEE
    +Domain Privacy for $11.88/yr
    +Over $150 in Offers
  • Telephone: +1 888-401-4678
  • Not Verified!

Every website online is hosted by one company or another, but Bluehost is leading the rest. For web solutions, Bluehost delivers power, innovation and long term solutions to its customers. Millions are using their services to provide web help and monitoring for their business.

Matt Heaton and partner, Danny Ashworth came up with the idea of a web hosting company in 2003 and they called it Bluehost. Bluehost gives the business to thousands and thousands of people each and every day. What’s more is that the company backs WordPress wholeheartedly. They’ve been going strong for a little more than a decade now and have exceeded the competitors with incredible results. Valued WordPress experts consistently provide exceptional support to its users.

Web Hosting Plans – Explained in Details

Want to build a website? It will need a host. Bluehost’s shared service promises a platform that is able to meet the customer’s current needs and potential demands. The domain manager takes the guess work out of tracking, transferring and updating data. Everything is in one place, which is a large plus in this relationship.

Get unlimited support and add-ons along with sub-domains, international and domestic domains. Bluehost takes out the risk of shared domains by re-assigning an overwhelming amount of resources to detached systems.

Plan Name Domains Space Bandwidth Offers SpamExperts IP SSL Price Link
Basic 1 50GB Unmetered $3.95 Not Verified
Plus Unlimited Unmetered Unmetered $200 1 $6.95
Pro Unlimited Unmetered Unmetered $300 2 1 1 $14.95

WordPress Optimized Hosting Price Range

Bluehost, in conjunction with its impressive partner WordPress, has developed a stunning platform for the website owner. The two have taken the prime features and created tools to make using WordPress easier than before. VPS technology ascertains that data is safe and sound.

Plan Name WP Sites Storage Backup Visits RAM Price Link
Blogger 5 30GB 30GB 100 Million 2GB $12.49 Not Verified
Professional 10 60GB 60GB 300 Million 4GB $37.50
Business 20 120GB 120GB 600 Million 6GB $60.00
Enterprise 30 240GB 240GB Unlimited 8GB $85.00

WordPress + WooCommerce Hosting Price Range

Working with WordPress, an extremely useful CMS, the user will have the management tools to compare with the best brands of shopping carts online. WooCommerce handles the orders and payment processing without hassle. It’s the spinach juice that a website needs to get it up and going without the usual growing pains and quickly.

Plan Name Domains Space Bandwidth Offers Security Price Link
Starter 1 Free 100GB Unmetered $100 Positive SSL $12.95 Not Verified
Plus 1 Free Unmetered Unmetered $150 Positive SSL $15.95
Pro 1 Free Unmetered Unmetered $300 Comodo SSL $23.95

A Solution in the Cloud – Hosting Price Range

Joining the website to a cloud makes security work a breeze. Automatic monitoring makes it hard to escape the Cloud’s technology. In the event there are technical problems, the website is still visible while the work is being done to mend the other copies, all without causing any downtime, so the risk of losing a potential customer is minimal.

Plan Name Websites CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Offers SpamExperts IP SSL Price Link
Starter 1 2 Cores 2GB 100GB Unmetered $50 $5.95 Not Verified
Most Popular Unlimited 4 Cores 4GB Unmetered Unmetered $200 1 $8.95
Business Pro Unlimited 6 Cores 6GB Unmetered Unmetered $200 2 1 1 $15.95

VPS Hosting Price Range

You can simply select any of the following VPS hosting plans and you will be able to increase any of the server resources in future when you need it.

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth IPs Domain Price Link
Standard 2 Cores 2GB 30GB 1TB 1 Free $14.99 Not Verified
Enhanced 2 Cores 4GB 60GB 2TB 2 Free $29.99
Premium 3 Cores 6GB 120GB 3TB 2 Free $44.99
Ultimate 4 Cores 8GB 240GB 4TB 2 Free $59.99

Dedicated Server Hosting Price Range

There’s no better in performance, ease of control, and security than Bluehost. Having access to a whole Bluehost server means that the viewer will have a pleasant and safe viewing experience. Ring for help and speak with experienced agents who handle only dedicated hosting issues. Experiencing issues? No worries. The support crew works side by side with the engineers who created the tools and maintain the server provided by Bluehost.

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth IPs Domain Price Link
Standard 4x 2.5GHZ 4GB 1TB 5TB 3 Free $74.99 Not Verified
Enhanced 4x 2.5GHZ 8GB 1TB 10TB 4 Free $99.99
Premium 4x 3.33GHZ 16GB 1TB 15TB 5 Free $124.99


Have a look at the homepage of BluehostAfter reviewing the background, cost and plans for Bluehost Web Hosting, we recommend this hosting service without question or doubt. The company puts its heart into maintaining superior service and utilizes only first rate tools and employ caring, knowledgeable staff. The company has made adequate provisions for downtime and for security.

Bluehost is committed to the online community and the company remains stable. Developers are always improving on areas that increase usability and reliability. Their partnership with WordPress complements their current outstanding reputation and capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been doing automatic database reads and wanted to know if this will put a strain on the server?There shouldn’t be any problems doing reads as frequently as every couple of seconds if that’s what you want to do. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, try slowing down the refresh rate. This should take care of the problem.
What is meant by “tags” and what are they used for?A tag is just a kind of label that applies to a name, title, topic or phrase that is used when searching for a particular subject matter and its content. It contributes to the search so that it is specific and it looks for only those phrases or words, which users post. In other words, if you were looking for information on ‘tags’ then you would put that word in the search box, and the system will generate general questions and comments about tags. Being more to the point will narrow your search down instead of giving you hundreds of unrelated threads to sort through.

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