In-Depth ServerPoint Hosting Review

  • Company: ServerPoint
  • Founded: 1998
  • Data Center: .US .NL .SG
  • Panel: cPanel, Easy & Own
  • Service Uptime: 99.9%
  • Extras:
    +Free Domain Name
    +45 Day Money Back
    +Free Weebly Web Builder
    +EASY Control Panel
    +Free Migrations
  • Telephone: 1-888-605-6775
  • Email: Live Chat
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Starting Price: $3.87
  • Get Discount!

ServerPoint Hosting came into existence in the 1990s, the company is privately owned. The company was determined to be unique and distinct from its competitors in terms of hosting, this is the reason for designing and developing the entire company internally and the hosting company came to existence in the year 1998. Today, the company hosts tens of thousands of small and large clients from around the globe, ranging from personal blogs running WordPress, email, databases and more from within just one easy interface to clients running complex infrastructures on hundreds of servers. Server Point provides large interface to accommodate all their customer requests.

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Data Centers

ServerPoint hosting has its data centers located in the following locations around the world; Silicon Valley in California, Dallas in Texas, Ashburn, Virginia, Nava Zones in Las Vegas, Amsterdam in Netherlands, and in Singapore, also projecting opening more locations in America, Europe and Asia soon.

Services Offered

ServerPoint hosting provides series of web hosting plans that are developed in-house to help customers achieve their aims and objectives. The web hosting types are as follows:

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Shared Hosting Price Range

ServerPoint provides the easiest way to host and also design a website, which is easily powered by the popular WordPress and Weebly. It also allows you to customize your design with the following plans: The Starter Plan incorporates free domain, free Weebly web builder, Unlimited premium bandwidth, 25 email accounts, free Migrations, Host 1 website, 100GBs of SSD RAID disk space, 95% anti-spam filtering, daily backup, unlimited MySQL databases, 99.9% uptime guarantee, dedicated IP + SSL, Server Point Premium plan incorporates free domain, FREE Weebly web builder, free Migrations, host up to 25 websites, Unlimited SSD RAID disk space, Unlimited premium bandwidth, Unlimited email accounts, 99.9% anti-spam filtering, Dedicated IP + SSL, Unlimited MySQL databases, 30 day retention of daily backups, higher allocation of performance, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 45-day money back guarantee.

Plan Name Domains SSD Space Bandwidth Panel Data Centers Price Link
Starter 1 100GB Unlimited Easy US, NL $3.87 More Details
Premium 25 Unlimited Unlimited Easy US, NL $7.11

Cloud Hosting Price Range

ServerPoint’s distinct Cloud Hosting technology guarantees the highest quality performance. It can handle conveniently thousands of daily visitors, as well as unexpected traffic spikes, without a problem. This hosting is subdivided into plans which are as follows: Personal plus which can accommodate up to 40,000 visitors or more, free domain, host up to 25 websites with 50GBs SSD RAID disk space, it offers Unlimited premium bandwidth, 99.9% anti-spam filtering to be specific, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited MySQL databases, 30-days retention of daily backups, 99.9% uptime guarantee, Dedicated IP + SSL. The Professional plan provides service accommodating 175,000 visitors per month and can host as much as 100 websites with 100GBs SSD RAID disk space. Premium plan can accommodate up to 600,000 visitors per month. Enterprise plan can accommodate over a million visitors per month conveniently.

Plan Name Websites SSD Storage Bandwidth Visitors Panel Domain Data Centers Price Link
Personal Plus 25 50GB Unlimited 40,000 Easy Free US, NL $35 Details
Professional 100 100GB Unlimited 175,000 Easy Free US, NL $99
Premium 250 200GB Unlimited 600,000 Easy Free US, NL $249
Enterprise Custom Custom Custom 1+ million Easy Free US, NL $1,000

Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) Price Range

ServerPoint provides a customizable (you can edit to suit your demand) VPS Hosting for both Linux and Windows operating systems, with the following plans. The small plan provides 1GB memory, 30GB SSD storage and single CPU Core (Xeon E5). Medium provides 2GB memory, 40 GB SSD storage and dual CPU cores (Xeon E5). Large plan provides 4 GB Memory, 80 GB SSD storage and dual CPU cores (Xeon E5). X Large provides 8 GB Memory, 160 GB SSD Storage, Quad CPU Cores (Xeon E5). XX Large sells provides 16 GB Memory, 200 GB SSD Storage, 6CPU Cores (Xeon E5).

Plan Name CPU RAM SSD Storage BW Panel Data Centers Price Link
Small 1-Core 1GB 30GB 1TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $10 Details
Medium 2-Cores 2GB 40GB 2TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $19
Large 2-Cores 4GB 80GB 3TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $28
X Large 4-Cores 8GB 160GB 6TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $56
XX Large 6-Cores 16GB 200GB 10TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $96

Windows VPS Hosting Price Range

ServerPoint Hosting also provide reliable ready to use Windows Servers within blink of an eye. It also gives you the liberty to choose your Operating system, with about 9TB bandwidth, 10GB of RAM, quad-core CPU. Server Point also provides Microsoft solutions which is not offered by other companies such as Microsoft Office which is available to all clients with a Windows based Server, whether it is a Dedicated Server or a Virtual Private Server, powered by Colossus Cloud. Microsoft Office, along with a Client Access License (CAL), will allow a high number of users to remotely log in to your Windows Server. Microsoft’s SQL server is essential in today’s Windows based server apps. We can install and manage a single install of Microsoft SQL, but also a full Microsoft SQL cluster set up for maximum redundancy etc.

Plan Name CPU RAM SSD Storage BW Panel Data Centers Price Link
Small 1-Core 1GB 30GB 1TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $15.58 Details
Medium 2-Cores 2GB 40GB 2TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $24.50
Large 2-Cores 4GB 80GB 3TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $33.60
X Large 4-Cores 8GB 160GB 6TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $61.60
XX Large 6-Cores 16GB 200GB 10TB Own, cPanel US, NL, SG $101.50

Dedicated Server Hosting Price Range

Enterprise Level provides Dual Socket Xeon E5 CPUs, 24 CPU cores, private and public network, Redundant power feeds, up to 768GBs of RAM, up to 72 SSD or spindle disks. Entry Level comes with Single Socket Xeon E3 or E5 CPUs, up to 8 CPU cores, 256GBs of RAM, Single power feeds, 10gig private and public network, 14-days money back guarantee.

Plan Name CPU CPU Cores RAM SSD Storage BW Panel Price Link
Entry Level Single socket Xeon E3 or E5 Up to 8 Up to 256GBs Unlimited Unlimited Own, cPanel $120 Details
Enterprise Level Dual socket Xeon E5 Up to 24 Up to 768GBs Unlimited Unlimited Own, cPanel $480


ServerPoint partners with the following companies: Microsoft, Plesk, RagingWire Data Centers, Cogent, cPanel, Weebly, Level (3) and others which are not mentioned.


ServerPoint provides the following extras to their customers: Webmail, Client Portal,, Open a ticket, Client Portal, Video Tutorials, these tools helps direct new customers and guide them through the interface.


I am new at this. How do I start a website?There are several ways to start a new website. The most popular and easy way is to use a Content Management app, such as the popular WordPress, or to use a web builder such as Weebly. At, the company provides you with both of the above options. Weebly is the easiest way, while WordPress is a more powerful way of designing and managing a website (although also more complex and requires more maintenance) than Weebly. Notwithstanding, if you hired a web designer or builder to develop your website, then you can just provide him or her with the login details to your account i.e. the one with Server Point hosting and your web designer will know what to do.

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