How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server Hosting?

Top Dedicated Server HostingHow do you define the best dedicated server hosting? From the basics, server hosting refers to an offsite management and upkeep of hardware resources that are designed for use by an organization. This will involve paying a fee regularly to the hosting service. Techopedia goes further to say that server hosting refers to the outsourcing of an organization’s server placing and platform to a third-party Managed Hosting Provider (MSP). A client uses the Internet to connect to data and other web apps on a managed server and pays a recurring fee to the hosting provider. A MSP usually operates and manages data centers (large ones) with dozens, hundreds or thousands of hosted servers for two or more clients. This model is known as colocation or collocated hosting.

Top Dedicated Server Hosting Companies for 2024
Hostings Price p/m CPU RAM Storage BW Visit Site
Intel Xeon E3-1240 8GB 2TB 5TB Get DiscountRead Review
$120 Intel Xeon E3-1220v2 3.1Ghz 8GB 240GB SSD 20TB Get DiscountRead Review
$249 4 Cores 16GB 1TB Unlimited Get DiscountRead Review
$119.99 E3-1220LV2 3.5 GHZ 4GB 500GB 5TB Get DiscountRead Review
$199 4× 2.8GHz 16GB 2x500GB 10TB Get DiscountRead Review
$119.99 E3-1220LV2 3.5 GHZ 4GB 500GB 5TB Get DiscountRead Review
$39 Intel Dual-Core Atom 1GB 250GB 10TB Get DiscountRead Review
$32.99 4 Cores 4GB 75GB SSD 2TB Get DiscountRead Review
$199 Intel i3-3220 4GB 2x500GB 3TB Get DiscountRead Review
$69 Intel i5-2500 4×3.3GHz 8GB 500GB 20TB Get DiscountRead Review

For some organizations the cost of purchasing a server hardware and hiring IT staffs is really huge. The real issue with majority of these organizations is that they needed a way to cut costs and eliminate the overhead logistics associated with operating a server or data center. Some other functions include accommodating space for the data centers, security fire and temperature protection. The most difficult part is that as these challenges keep coming there is always a need for upgrade and for many companies and organizations hardware maintenance and upgrades and replacing obsolete servers could be a big deal.

The real idea of leasing a dedicated server thus became necessary as this would not only help cut costs, it would give room for flexibility and dynamism. For organizations who require larger applications, such as online transaction processing applications most especially, it is better to lease an entire dedicated physical server. For dedicated hosting it is unique because it’s more like you own the server and all the resources available to the platform. It’s more like a rent-to-own house where you have an address and no one shares your address with you, you are also given the liberty to do anything you want in your house. For small and medium enterprises, managed hosting offers an excellent method of accessing required resources without investing and paying so much in non-core competencies, such as a data center and IT personnel. However, larger enterprises that may choose to maintain hosting their server in house. Such organizations place a large premium on data security and they rely so heavily on their information systems (IS) that server hosting is not a feasible option.

Learn more about the Advantages

Advantages of dedicated server hostingRunning a dedicated server has a great deal of advantage. Although we can say it’s main advantage is that you don’t get to share your server resources that is, you get the full resources and access of a single server. You won’t have issues with other websites clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that other websites using bad scripts or spikes in bandwidth usage won’t slow your server down. And definitely the result of a full access is security. Data security is easily managed with server hosting providers as their server resources are fully protected in the data center behind multiple firewalls and physical security measures.

Data backups are likewise handled by taking advantages of the resources of the data center as a whole and multiple redundancies are used to store a client’s data in other areas to prevent against data loss and hardware failure. Trust me security is kept tight because you are not sharing the server with anyone, this will in turn make you less vulnerable to attacks from malicious websites. This certainly helps with redundancy whereby you can protect your data with having multiple backups. You have the privilege to install multiple hard drives on your server, so one drive can be used as the primary device while the other can be used as backup. And for organizations handling sensitive transactions, you can’t be assured of a better way to ensure your data is safe.

Choosing a dedicated hosting provider guarantees greater amount of uptime for your website. Top Shared Hosting is often best for websites with little or no traffic. If your website receives lots of visitors, though dedicated servers provide more effective stability and efficient reliability than shared hosting. We spoke about having a house and an address earlier, so we can go further to say your IP address is unique to you only, unlike shared hosting where you are sharing an IP address with many other websites. If one of your neighbors is a spam site or an irresponsible site, this could mean having your sites’ rank go down, this isn’t cool is it?

Flexibility is another major advantage of the dedicated server. Often time when compared to other forms of web servers, we realize that dedicated web servers are the most customizable and the most flexible ones. When it comes to dedicated server, you have access to every part of its features, and you will be able to do as you wish, because you are the only one who makes use of the web server. In other words, you have full control over server and it is possible to make changes to the server to suit your requirements.

Learn more about the Disadvantages

Despite all of the advantages of the dedicated server, one major demerit is that, it is costly and it could require expertise for example if there is a technical issue you might need to pay the host to get help in some situations so you’ll need to put situations such as this in to plan while choosing a dedicated server hosting.

From using the dedicated server hosting emerges the virtual private servers a single server can be set-up to create multiple virtual private servers. These act much the same as a dedicated server, but in smaller form. A single Virtual Private Server takes advantage of a specific amount of the full server’s resources, but does not fight with other VPS for resource allocation.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, when embarking of an online project, the success of these project depend on a number of factors and if you have a vision to make your business go far, as much as possible having a dedicated hosting plan for your business is key, because as your businesses grow, more tools, more resources need to be kept in place to ensure your success.