Host1Plus Review – What to Expect?

  • Company: Digital Energy Technologies Limited
  • Founded: 2008
  • Data Center: .US .BR .DE .ZA
  • Panel: cPanel, DirectAdmin
  • Service Uptime: 99.99%
  • Extras:
    +Free Domain
    +Solid Performance
    +Extreme Scalability
  • Telephone: +44.8708200222
  • Email:
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Starting Price: $15
  • Get Discount!

Throughout the years, Host1plus have grown to be a top rated web host and they continue to offer critical services for your website. Having the best options make all the difference to a successfully run business and Host1plus brings it. Don’t compromise on the things you need for a few extra dollars. Pay for it now so that you don’t pay for it later… in the worst way, my friend.

Get reliable VPS hosting now from Host1Plus starting from $15!

What to Look for?

There are many aspects to picking the right hosting plan or option. It’s difficult to know which plan you really need. You want something that won’t hurt the pocket book, but you don’t want something cheap either. These are just a few of the options a website owner should look for when choosing a provider.

Choice of Server Locations

Can you specifically choose your locations? Sure, you can. Well, that only makes sense, right? You want to choose the region that’s matches your audience to optimize performance. Host1plus has up to eight different locations that you can select your new servers from – London, UK; Frankfurt, Germany; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Siauliai, Lithuania; Johannesburg, South Africa; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Chicago and Los Angeles, USA.

How many Domains are Allowed?

Have a look at the homepage of Host1PlusA plus that many website owners rave about is the fact that you can have an unlimited amount of domains using Host1plus. If you have more than one site, you should take advantage of its hosting option. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who plan on expanding their online acquisitions and affiliations.

Having multiple sites on one server can save you loads of money in headache pain relieving medications. This can be done by using a VPS plan that has a lot more resources. Host1plus also help you make money by using the best SEO tactics.

Online Security

Everyone thinks about security while online, but especially while transferring personal data over the internet. Rest assured that Host1plus security systems are working non-stop for you, the customer. Host1plus provides backup copies of your virtual data room so you won’t miss a beat.

About Host1plus

Approximately eight years ago Host1plus was born. This hosting provider began its journey as one of the most dependable and low-cost services available to the public. Behind the name are a team of outstanding individuals eager to help you. There’s no room for error and Host1plus knows this.

Host1plus is big on support. Knowledgeable and caring staff members are available around the clock to make sure you have every opportunity to reach out to someone when you need help the most… even at 2 a.m.


Our view of Host1plus is that you can’t go wrong using them. They are reliable and the company has been around for several years. That in itself is a major accomplishment in this competitive, online business. They make their prices reasonable enough that everyone can afford their services, with options to upgrade at any time. You can join or upgrade with just a touch of the button.


I paid for my domain, but I can’t see it. What to do now?Well, it will take a moment before your domain is visible to the public. This process can take up to two days in some cases. Until it is generated, your email and website are disable. Nonetheless, you can still upload files and view your site.
My customers are complaining about load times. What can I do?Yes, indeed… we are an impatient breed of people. We despise waiting, so to have to wait for a page to load, means you may lose a customer. This is not acceptable to us, therefore, Host1plus opens pages quick, fast and in a hurry. Yes, in three seconds or less, you should see an entire page form before your very eyes. It may not be just your PC; Your host is instrumental in improving a page’s loading time as well.

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