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  • Company: 1&1 Internet Inc.
  • Founded: 1988
  • Data Center: .US .UK .DE .NL .FR
  • Panel: 1&1, cPanel, Plesk
  • Service Uptime: 99.99%
  • Extras:
    +FREE Domain Included
    +Domain Privacy Included
    +Unlimited Webspace & Traffic
    +Latest Hybrid Technology
  • Telephone: 877-461-2631
  • Email: support@1and1.com
  • Rating: 0/5
  • Not Verified

1and1 is one of the better known hosting providers. It was founded in 1988 and has its head office in Germany. It positions itself as a ‘one-stop internet shop’ covering all bases when it comes to setting up a website, from start to finish and everything in between. It offers its products in Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, UK, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Data Centres and Servers

1&1 has more than 70,000 servers running, located in 10 different countries and states that because of multiple redundant connections between the data centres, it can guarantee almost 100% uptime.

Services Overview

This company purports to offer professional website hosting with secure dual hosting which means that the website is hosted by two data centres concurrently and also at two different locations. This allows for increased security as well as decreased downtime. They offer various packages for domain hosting, email services, etc., although the website appears to predominantly cater to the novice internet user, explaining services in layman’s terms, therefore a search was required in order to find information about their server options.

On offer to clients is either a Virtual Server, Cloud Server or Dedicated Server which are all wrapped up in ‘server packages’ to suit various budgets. No matter which package is chosen, clients are provided with administrator access on Windows and full root access on Linux. 1and1 have their own custom control panel, which may take some time getting used to, however the company mentions that it is ‘very user friendly’.

Shared Hosting Price Range

Plan Name Domains Space BW RAM Databases OS Price Link
Unlimited 1 Unlimited Unlimited Up to 600MB 20 Linux $0.99 Not Verified
Unlimited PLUS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Up to 1.2GB Unlimited Linux $4.99
Unlimited PRO Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2GB Unlimited Linux $8.99
Unlimited WINDOWS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5 Windows $0.99
Unlimited PLUS WINDOWS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10 Windows $4.99
Unlimited PRO WINDOWS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2GB 25 Windows $8.99

WordPress Hosting Price Range

Plan Name Projects Space Visitors Databases Price Link
BASIC 1 50GB SSD Unlimited 1 SSD $0.99 Not Verified
PLUS 5 250GB SSD Unlimited 5 SSD $4.99
UNLIMITED Unlimited Unlimited SSD Unlimited Unlimited SSD $8.99

VPS Hosting Price Range

Starting with the Virtual Server packages suggested for those businesses just beginning, these are split into four options: Virtual M, Virtual L, Virtual XL and Virtual XXL, all with unlimited traffic and SSD optional. At the entry level of these virtual servers, Virtual M provides 1GB RAM and 50GB HDD, with Virtual XL supplying 6GB RAM with 400GB HDD.

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Panel IPs Price Link
Cloud M 1 vCore 1GB 50GB SSD Unlimited Plesk, cPanel 1 $4.99 Not Verified
Cloud L 2 vCores 2GB 80GB SSD Unlimited Plesk, cPanel 1 $9.99
Cloud XL 2 vCores 4GB 120GB SSD Unlimited Plesk, cPanel 1 $19.99
Cloud XXL 4 vCores 8GB 160GB SSD Unlimited Plesk, cPanel 1 $29.99

Cloud Servers Price Range

Have a look at the homepage of 1and1Next up the tier are the Cloud Server packages divided into various options starting with Cloud Server S all the way up to Cloud Server 5XL. They come with SSD as standard and you’re able to choose where you would like your data centre located, from three choices; USA, Germany or Spain, as well as which operating system you prefer. 1and1 hosting states that this type of server is for businesses already well-informed on web hosting. These packages offer a lot more variety to more closely suit business needs and there is also a Flex package which offers the use of a toggle switch for the number of CPUs required (up to 16), the amount of RAM (up to 48GB) and the size of the SSD (up to 500GB). They also offer the possibility of ‘pay-per-use’ and ‘sleep mode’ as well as the ability to adjust the chosen package on an hourly basis so that the business only pays for exactly what is required.

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Panel Price Link
HOSTING S 1 vCore 512MB 30GB SSD Unlimited 1&1 $9.99 Not Verified
HOSTING M 1 vCore 1GB 50GB SSD Unlimited 1&1 $14.99
HOSTING L 2 vCores 2GB 80GB SSD Unlimited 1&1 $24.99
HOSTING XL 2 vCores 4GB 120GB SSD Unlimited 1&1 $34.99

Dedicated Server Hosting Price Range

Right at the top end of the tiers are the Dedicated Server packages which are offered in three stages, starting with Entry-level servers, then Performance Level servers and finally, Business Line servers, depending on the business’s requirements.

At the base of the Entry-level servers is the L4 package which has an AMD Quad Core processor, 4GB RAM and 750GB HDD, increasing in power and spec along with price.

Moving onto the slightly more powerful Performance Servers, suggested for medium and large projects, 1and1 web hosting offers four options all with SSD as optional and starting with o12A-32 which has at its core an AMD Opteron 6338P processor, 32GB RAM and 2000GB HDD. Highest in this offering is the XXL24i ‘Power Deal’ with two Intel Xeon E5-2440 processors, 48GB RAM and 4000GB HDD.

The most powerful, high-end hardware for specific business needs, according to 1and1, requires the Business Line options. The first one within these options being the X8i with Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3 processor, 64GB RAM and 4000GB HDD. Right at the top end is X10i providing the Intel Xeon E5-2650 V3 processor, 128GB RAM and 6000GB HDD. Both of these Business Line server packages provide 1 Gbit/s connectivity.

This company also supplies optional extras, including additional online storage, extra domain names, SSL security certificates, etc.

Plan Name Processor Speed RAM Storage Bandwidth Panel Price Link
L4 AMD Quad Core 4 Cores x 2.1 GHz 4GB 750GB Unlimited Plesk $34.99 Not Verified
L4i Intel® Quad-Core 4 Cores x 3.1 GHz 12GB 1000GB Unlimited Plesk Free
A8i Intel®Atom™ C2750 8 Cores x 2.4 GHz 8GB 1000GB Unlimited Plesk $39.99
o12A-32 AMD Opteron™ 6338P 12 Cores x 2.3 GHz 32GB 2000GB Unlimited Plesk $99.99
o12A-64 AMD Opteron™ 6338P 12 Cores x 2.3 GHz 64GB 4000GB Unlimited Plesk $119.99
XL12i Intel®Xeon® E5-2640 6 Cores (HT) x 2.5 GHz 32GB 2000GB Unlimited Plesk $149.99
X8i Intel®Xeon® E5-2630 V3 8 Cores (HT) x 2.4 GHz 64GB 4000GB Unlimited Plesk $224.99
X10i Intel®Xeon® E5-2650 V3 10 Cores (HT) x 2.3 GHz 128GB 6000GB Unlimited Plesk $299.99


Is a trial offered?Yes, 1and1 offers a one-month trial period of all server hosting packages.
Can I switch my chosen package as business needs change?Yes, you’re able to upgrade or downgrade at any time by contacting a server hosting expert or customer services at 1and1.

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