iPage Web Hosting Review – What you need to know?

  • Company: iPage
  • Founded: 1998
  • Data Center: .US
  • Panel: vDeck & cPanel
  • Service Uptime: 99.9%
  • Extras:
    +Free domain registration
    +30-day money-back
    +Free search engine credits
    +Domain Privacy for $9.99/yr
    +Free online store
  • Telephone: 877-472-4399
  • Email: support@ipage-inc.com
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Starting Price: $1.99
  • Get Discount!

iPage was founded initially in 1998 as a full Web service provider, but the company revamped completely and came back as a Web hosting provider in 2009. What to expect from iPage? iPage offers instant and excellent support over live chat. The support system is quick and very friendly. iPage offers you a service you can afford. They have a good price, which is $2.25 for a month, and this equals to $27 per year. This price is good compared to other Web hosting services, and none of their features are compromised. Although content is the king, marketing cannot be overlooked either.

Choose from the wide range of iPage services now and get discount!

Most of these websites spend a part of their capital and time on content marketing. Hence, if you invest your money in iPage webs hosting, you don’t have to worry about spending extra expenses to market your services. iPage gives you marketing services to help upgrade the rank of your website. iPage employs the use of Bing ad credits, Facebook ad credit and Google ad words. Facebook is known to be the number one social networking website, and it provides a huge rush of traffic to your site.

Price Difference

More importantly, iPage offers their services at a very cheap rate. Most of the shared hosting providers offer the same hosting features of Webmail, unlimited hosting, support and free domain name. Since we are getting the same hosting features from these Web hosting site, their prices, satisfying customer service, and reliable server should differ. Of a truth, iPage hosting offers the same features as other shared hosting providers in terms of quality, but iPage comes with a difference. iPage is 76% to 450% cheaper than others.

Shared Hosting Price Range

Plan Name Domains Space Bandwidth Panel Data Center Price Link
iPage Essential Unlimited Unlimited Scalable vDeck US $1.99 More Details

iPage offers a wide variety of Web hosting plans that are suitable for all sites. The most popular one being the essential shared plan, why? This is because the pain is affordable priced and it is packed with many features thereby making it an attractive choice for customers. Essential shared plan seems like a great idea or bargain for sites that requires shared hosting. You should go with the WP plans to host a word press site. The essential plan works fine too but the WP plan gives a speed boost, and it is a good investment for a small business site.

iPage WordPress or any other CMS application you need

Plan Name Domains Space Bandwidth Panel Support Price Link
WP Starter Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Standard $3.75 More Details
WP Essential Unlimited Unlimited SSD Unlimited cPanel Experts $6.95

IPage makes it very easy for you to work even if you don’t know how to go about installing WordPress or another CMS on your domain. IPage offers you a chance to pick from a wide range of applications that can be installed easily on your domain just with few clicks. IPage script installer makes it very easy for you to import or export your installations, you can edit, remove or manage your installations anytime you want. IPage pre-configures w3 total cache just for you if you want to install WordPress self-hosted on your domain. Have you ever wondered about what goes on behind your site? Ipage gives you a pre-installed file manager that makes working easier, this is achieved through a file transfer protocol account and a file transfer protocol software. IPage comes with a free cloud space of 1Gb, where you can store your documents, files, images and many other things.

VPS Hosting Price Range

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Panel OS IPs Domain Price Link
VPS Basic 1-Core 1GB 40GB 1TB cPanel CentOS 6.4 1 Free $19.99 More Details
VPS Business 2-Core 4GB 90GB 3TB cPanel CentOS 6.4 2 Free $47.99
VPS Optimum 4-Core 8GB 120GB 4TB cPanel CentOS 6.4 2 Free $79.99

Have a look at the homepage of iPageThe VPS hosting plans of iPage are for growing sites with e-commerce capabilities that require higher flexibility and performance. The dedicated hosting plans of iPage are meant for larger websites which require optimal performance, rapid response times and high security. Purchase of the Dedicated plan or VPS will give you access to premium customer support which comes faster and also with great assistance to customers. Their basic VPS plan is affordable, and you can upgrade if you want. However, the VPS hosting costs significantly more than the shared account; only the iPage Basic plan is priced reasonable. The only downside is that you have to upgrade your hosting account to cPanel from vDeck, and this will cause delays in your transfer. However upgrading to cPanel is worth the effort as cPanel is the best panel and it is very much better than vDeck. All in all, be rest assured that the iPage support team will help you with it and will get the site transferred over for you.

Dedicated Server Hosting Price Range

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Panel OS IPs Domain Price Link
Startup E3-1220LV2 3.5 GHZ 4GB 500GB 5TB cPanel CentOS 6.4 3 Free $119.99 Details
Professional E3-1265LV2 3.2 GHZ 8GB 1000GB 10TB cPanel CentOS 6.4 4 Free $151.99
Enterprise E3-1230V2 3.7 GHZ 16GB 1000GB 15TB cPanel CentOS 6.4 5 Free $191.99


How do I order iPage Web Hosting?You can order a web hosting plan from iPage by visiting their website, www.ipage.com. Once you are in, click the sign-up button and begin the startup process.

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