Eleven2 Hosting Review – Quick Overview

  • Company: Eleven2
  • Founded: 2003
  • Data Center: .US .NL .SG
  • Panel: e2Panel & cPanel
  • Service Uptime: 99.9%
  • Extras:
    +Global Locations
    +60 Day Money Back
  • Telephone: 866-353-8362
  • Email: hello@eleven2.com
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Starting Price: $2.68
  • Get Discount!

Are you currently using another company to host your website? Switch to Eleven2 and start getting treated like a real person. Eleven2 helps you transfer your website free of charge. Hosting companies come and go, that’s the nature of the business, but if you are searching for a specific hosting company whose focus is on performance, quality and reliability, you do not have to look further, Eleven2 is best for you.

Just like any other Web hosting company, Eleven2 focus on all the types of hosting such as VPS hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. They focus mainly on shared hosting and cloud hosting. Eleven2 offers a wide variety of hosting packages for interested individuals, and they can be gotten on a monthly basis. Also, they offer hosting packages at a discount if you want to buy, be it for a year, two or three in advance.

Get cheap, but reliable web hosting now from Eleven2!

What to Expect?

Eleven2 offers fantastic coupons for individuals who wants to gain additional savings. Eleven2 uses standard cPanel as the control panel for their hosting service. The cPanel is recognized by all and sundry, and this makes it very easy for people to use it as many people have experience with it. CPanel is very simple to use, and it makes it very easy to transfer your website from a hosting company to the other. Eleven2 offers this and it is an added bonus.

Shared Hosting Price Range

Plan Name Domains Space Bandwidth Panel Data Center Price Link
S-100 10 10GB 50GB e2Panel USA, EU, ASIA $4.46 More Details
S-200 Unlimited 250GB 20TB e2Panel USA, EU, ASIA $7.50
S-300 Unlimited 500GB 40TB e2Panel USA, EU, ASIA $15.00
SSD-100 10 5GB 50GB e2Panel USA $2.98 More Details
SSD-200 Unlimited 100GB 20TB e2Panel USA $5.00
SSD-300 Unlimited 200GB 40TB e2Panel USA $10.00

Have a look at the homepage of Eleven260-day money back guaranteed trial – Eleven2 offers you ample time to test their services. They give you 60 days. 60 days is a long period to test the services of a hosting company. It presents you with the opportunity of testing the package that you have ordered for. If you find out that you don’t like the package, then you can cancel the service and order for a full refund of your money within the stipulated 60 days of refund. This alone is an added bonus that customers will greatly appreciate.

Expect to get many hosting options – Eleven2 has been around for a while, and they have been a part of the hosting world for a long time. Hence, they truly understand all they can do to meet the needs of their customers. As a result, the company offers many fantastic hosting services. They have dedicated servers, VPS hosting, shared hosting and top cloud hosting. In addition, they provide flexibility to users who wants to expand or upgrade their hosting needs.

VPS Hosting Price Range

Plan Name RAM Storage Bandwidth Panel Data Center IPs Price Link
VS-100 1GB 120GB 1TB cPanel USA, EU 2 $36.75 More Details
VS-200 2GB 240GB 2TB cPanel USA, EU 2 $74.25
VS-300 3GB 360GB 3TB cPanel USA, EU 2 $111.75

Eleven2 is concerned about the community. They go out of their way to ensure that all their customers are properly attended to, they care about answering their customers properly when they ask questions or post concerns and questions on their forum. They are very active and to respond to all feedbacks from their customers. Just know you will get a quick response from them should you have a problem. They want their user to be happy, satisfied and stay with them for a longer term. So know now that Eleven2 will go the extra length to satisfy and meet all your needs. They do this because they want their customers to be happy, satisfied, and ultimately they want you to stay for the long term. So understand that Eleven2 is going to go above and beyond the call of duty to meet your needs.

Dedicated Server Hosting Price Range

Plan Name CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Panel KVM Access Price Link
DS-100 Intel i3-3220 4GB 2x500GB Raid 1 HD 3TB cPanel & WHM No $199 Details
DS-200 Intel e3-1270v2 8GB 2x1TB Raid 1 HD 6TB cPanel & WHM No $299
DS-300 Intel e5-2620 16GB 4x1TB Raid 10 HDs 10TB cPanel & WHM Yes $499
DS-400 Intel e5-2620 32GB 4x2TB Raid 10 HDs 10TB cPanel & WHM Yes $699

Reliability – Eleven2 is one of the most reliable hosting service that you can come across. Not only this, Eleven2 servers are extremely reliable, and they are fast. They have over 99.9 percent uptime. Eleven2 has been around for more than ten years so it is a hosting service you can trust. Truth to be told, hosting companies that cannot deliver do not last long. Imagine a hosting service that has lasted for ten years, how reliable they will be.

Reseller Hosting Price Range

Plan Name Sub Accounts Space Bandwidth Data Center Price Link
R-100 Unlimited 100GB 1TB USA, EU, ASIA $14.96 More Details
R-200 Unlimited 200GB 2TB USA, EU, ASIA $26.21
R-300 Unlimited 300GB 3TB USA, EU, ASIA $37.46
SSD R-100 Unlimited 50GB 1TB USA $9.98 More Details
SSD R-200 Unlimited 100GB 2TB USA $17.48
SSD R-300 Unlimited 150GB 3TB USA $24.98

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Are there any hidden fees in Eleven2 I need to be aware of?No, just read the terms. And keep in mind that discounts do not apply to renewals.
In case I want to register a few additional domains, will Eleven2 handle domain registration as well?Sure, you will get a domain when you sign up, but Eleven2 does not market domain registration services.

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