Best cPanel Hosting – What is it?

Top cPanel HostingcPanel Hosting is a control panel for web hosting. It is a web based hosting control panel that is provided by hosting companies to website owners which allows the website owners to manage everything on their website from a web based user interface. It is one of the best control panel that is web based and it is widely used as the default control panel for many hosting companies. It comes with a graphical, easy-to-use front-end and user friendly interface. It has the ability to manage all the functions of hosting account and website effectively in an easy way. With cPanel hosting, it is easy to manage your files and the content on the website through MySQL database management. You can also include Joomla, WordPress, and so on to your top cPanel hosting.

cPanel hosting empowers you as a website owner with many options and high level of control over everything on your website. It also offers you control over the privacy and security options of your website. cPanel can be accessed by using https on port 2083 or by simply dialing “/cpanel” to the end of the hostname.

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Here you will find how to choose it?

cPanel hosting is a tested and reliable method of managing and controlling a website. Regular use has enhanced its functionality and this made it one of the very powerful tools while at the same time making the interface easy to understand and master. With cPanel, you can change anything or reconfigure your database and also temper with some core files of your website. There are some specific things you look for when choosing a cPanel hosting, the following should be considered when choosing best cPanel hosting for your website:

How to choose the Best cPanel Hosting

  • Value: the first most important thing is value. You have to look for a web hosting company that will offer you real value for your money. Sometimes a cheaper hosting plan can cater for your needs more than the expensive ones.
  • Speed and Reliability: When you want to choose a cPanel host, choose a cPanel hosting company that is fast and affordable. There are also some hosting companies that offer SSD hosting which provide a massive boost to the speed of your website as well as many available data centers, which ensures that you are not sending content from one place to another and back again to reach local users.
  • Good Customer Care: Choose a cPanel hosting that have a fast and reliable customer care service and support in case you are faced with a problem that you cannot solve on your own. You can test this by making a test call and see whether you will be treated the right way and also take note of their response time.

Also look for cPanel hosting that can provide a list of powerful features that other hosting companies around you cannot provide.

  • Customer Reviews: check previous customer reviews about the hosting company you want to choose, know what people are saying about their services.

What are the Advantages?

cPanel web hosting have some benefits that you enjoy as a user. The main thing is its simplicity. cPanel has simplified everything for its users, even as a newbie with cPanel, you will be able to handle everything with ease. The following are the advantages of using cPanel.

  • cPanel is very easy to install: when installing cPanel, you only need a Linux environment because it is Linux based, with a minimum of 512 MB Random Access Memory and with at least 10 GB of available disk space.
  • cPanel is easy to operate: it comes with a user friendly and graphical user interface that is very easy to operate. This interface is so easy that even a newbie can operate it, it does not require technical knowledge or skills.
  • It has highly compatible: cPanel is highly compatible with many open source applications.
  • It has built-in help that stops you from doing anything that is risky and prohibited.
  • It comes with many functionalities and features that allows smooth operation and control of hosting accounts by the users.
  • It offers automation of your work: without this automation features, your work will be difficult to carry out. cPanel offers you access to many tools that will help your online business succeed in no time.
  • It supports many websites, domains and sub domains. This can be very useful for users who have many websites.
  • Easily portable: cPanel offers you with an easy portability feature which allows you to transfer your website from one hosting company to another without any problem.

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What about the Disadvantages?

cPanel hosting has some disadvantages which are discussed below:

  • Size Restriction: cPanel hosting is mostly meant for small and medium websites.
  • Vulnerability: it has some weaknesses that makes it vulnerable to some security risks and this can expose your contents to unauthorized access or attack, these attack can cause a huge loss if they are not taken note of in time.
  • Unprofessional Look: cPanel does not have the professional look when compared with other control panels. Although it is very easy to use, the interface looks somehow childish.
  • License cost: cPanel licenses are not cheap, it cost more money to license. Though this is not a problem to big websites because they have the capacity to pay the bills for an easy to use control panel.


cPanel is a very powerful control panel. As you can see from the points above, its advantages are more than its disadvantages. It is also being used by many web hosting companies and it is the favorite of most of them. With cPanel it is very easy to manage tasks that are complex in just few clicks with only one interface. The huge collections of plugins available online can also be used for cPanel so as to have a better experience working with it. This control panel cannot be considered as the best but one of the best because the word best is a matter of opinion. Nevertheless, cPanel is a great choice for your website.